When shopping for a wrist brace, we really want to make sure it does its job. It needs to provide the extra stability and support necessary for weightlifting and powerlifting. Wrist straps are great for that - they add more protection and help us lift with confidence!


When to use wristbands in Cross Training?

Have you ever wondered if wrist straps are really necessary for Crossfit? Well, the truth is that they can be a great accessory, but you don't have to use them in every exercise. It's all about safety and confidence - if you're lifting weights close to your RM or are at your RM, or if your wrists are more sensitive than usual, then it might be a good idea to use wrist straps. For exercises like hand stand push ups, they can be extra helpful as your wrists may take a bit of a beating.


Types of wristbands

For Cross Training, there are two types of wristbands: fabric and elastic. Both are great, it just comes down to personal preference. Some folks prefer fabric while others prefer elastic - so let me tell you a bit more about them both. Fabric wristbands provide more security, but they can be a bit tight on some people's wrists. Elastic wristbands, on the other hand, give you more freedom of movement but can be harder to keep in place. So it's really up to you which one is best for you!


Elastic wristbands

These elastic wristbands are awesome because they're made with an ultra-resistant and hard rubber that provides an instant hold without restricting movement. Plus, they have a Velcro for quick adjustment, making them perfect for quick transition between workouts. Plus, the rubber thumb strap makes them extra secure - they won't loosen when you're wearing them! They might not have as many color options as fabric wristbands, but the design is still pretty great.


Fabric wristbands

Fabric wristbands are great for providing support to your wrists. They're longer than elastic ones, so you'll need to wrap them around your wrist a few times and tie a loop. You'll want to make sure you secure it tightly so it doesn't come undone. 


Which wristband is best for me?

No matter which wristband you choose, you'll be getting a quality product! The best one for you is the one that gives you the most confidence and security when you're doing your Cross Training exercises. Why not give a few of them a try and see which one feels the most comfortable? That's the best way to find out which wristband is the right fit for you.