Veggie Fritters

Up your fibre intake with these delicious veggie fritters - perfect for any meal of the day and extra satiating with the added hit of natural protein

Makes 4-5

(not including toppings)
325 calories | 1360 kilojoules
20.4g protein
39g carbohydrates
9.4g fats


    1 head fresh broccoli (approx. 330g)
    1 can corn
    1 medium sweet potato
    1 egg
    100g light Greek style feta
    15g crushed garlic
    1 Tbsp fresh dill
    Pinch of pink salt
    1 scoop (30g) True WPC80 Natural
    100g wholemeal flour
    Spray of oil
    Lemon juice


        1. Wash and chop the broccoli and blend in a processor, add in half the canned corn with the broccoli and blend together. Place mixture into a large bowl.
        2. Peel and grate the sweet potato, adding it to the mixture along with the remaining corn.
        3. Add the egg and mix through.
        4. Chop the feta roughly and add to the mixture.
        5. Place the remaining ingredients into the bowl and stir until combined.
        6. Divide the mixture into 4-5 serves, form into patty shapes.
        7. Cook the patties on medium heat in a fry pan that has been sprayed with oil. When golden brown, flip and repeat.
        8. Serve with lemon juice, extra feta and a fried egg.